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NingXia Red Power Goji Co Ltd was established in Ningxia in the heart of china s goji growing region in August of 2007 with 400 million RMB as registered capital it is high tech enterprise engaging in research and development production and marketing of the series of Goji berry prouducts we have built the world s most advanced goji products production facility 30 minutes from our farms so we can preserve 100 of the Power of Nature in all our products Certification USDA EU GAS FDA ISO9001 HACCP KOSHER HALAL GMA

Categories and Products

Dried Goji Berries

Organic Dried Goji Berries

organic dried goji berries 2017 new Organic Dried Goji Berries 280 Count Organic Dried Goji Berries 220 Count Organic Dried Goji Berries 180 Count 2017 Organic Dried Goji Berries 380# New Organic Dried Goji Berries 380# Organic Dried Goji Berries 500 Count Organic Dried Goji Berries 160# 160 Count Organic Dried Goji Certified Organic Dried Goji Berry Certified Bio Dried Goji Berries 

Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berries

Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berries 180 Count Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berries Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berries 380 Count Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berries 500# Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry 180# Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry 280 Count Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry 380 Count Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry 500# 

Conventional Dried Goji Berries

New Premium Dried Goji Berries Conventional Dried Goji Berries 180# Conventional Dried Goji Berries 280# Conventional Dried Goji Berries 380# Conventional Dried Goji Berries 500# 2017 New Conventional Dried Goji Premium Dried Goji Berries 2017 New Conventional Goji Berries 

Organic Dried Wolfberry

Organic Dried Wolfberry 2017 2017 New Organic Dried Wolfberry Organic Dried Wolfberry 180 Grains Organic Dried Wolfberry 220 Count Organic Dried Wolfberry 280 Count Organic Dried Wolfberry 380 Count Organic Dried Wolfberry 160 Count Nutrient Fruit Dried Wolfberry 

Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry

Low Pesticide Dried Wolfberry Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berry 2017 Low Pesticide Dried Goji Berry 2017 Low Pesticide Goji Berry 2017 Low Pesticide Goji New Low Pesticide Goji Berry 

2017 New Dried Goji Berries

2017 Dried Goji Berries 2017 New Premium Dried Goji Berries 2017 New Crop Dried Goji Berry 2017 New Crop Dried Goji Berry 380 Count 2017 New Crop Dried Goji Berry 500 Ningxia Dried Goji Berry 2017 New Crop Goji Berries 2017 New Crop Goji Berry 280 Count Premium Price Dried Goji Berry 2017 New Crop Dried Goji Berries 

Bulk Dried Goji Berries

Bulk Dried Goji Berries 2017 Red Power Dried Goji Berries 2017 Bulk Dried Goji Red Power Dried Goji Berry 

Wholesale Dried Goji Berries

New Crop Wholesale Dried Goji Berries 2017 Wholesale Dried Goji Health Benefits Dried Goji Berry 

2017 New Dried Wolfberry

2018 New Crop Dried Wolfberry New Certified Dried Wolfberry 280 Count Dried Wolfberry 380 Count Dried Wolfberry New Nutrient Dried Wolfberry 2017 New Lycium Barbarum 

NFC Goji Juice

Goji Raw Juice

2017 Fresh New Goji Juice Concentrate 2017 Fruit Goji Raw Juice 2017 New Goji Raw Juice New Crop Wolfberry Raw Juice Bulk Goji Raw Juice 

NFC Goji Raw Juice

Fruit NFC Goji Juice Real Goji Fruit Juice 2017 New NFC Goji Juice 

Fresh Goji Juice

2017 Fresh Goji Juice 2017 New Fresh Goji Juice Fresh Goji Raw Juice 

Organic Goji Raw Juice

Organic Goji Raw Juice Organic NFC Goji Juice 2017 Organic NFC Goji Juice 

Organice NFC Goji Raw Juice

2017 Organic NFC Goji Raw Juice Organic Fresh Goji Raw Juice 

2017 New NFC Goji Raw Juice

2017 NFC Goji Juice Fresh Fruit NFC Goji Juice Fruit Goji Raw Juice 2017 Wolfberry Raw Juice 2017 Nutritional Goji Juice 

100% Pure Goji Juice

100% Pure Goji Juice 100% Pure Goji Raw Juice 

Goji Juice Brix≥16.5%

Aseptic Bag Goji Raw Juice Organic Fresh Goji Juice 

Goji Juice Concentrate

Organic Goji Juice Concentrate

Organic Goji Juice Concentrate Organic Concentrated Goji Juice 

2017 New Goji Juice Concentrate

2017 Goji Juice Concentrate 

Bulk Goji Juice Concentrate

Fruit Goji Juice Concentrate 

Goji Juice Concentrate Brix≥36%

Real Fruit Goji Juice Concentrate 

100% Pure Goji Juice Concentrate

Pure Goji Juice Concentrate 

Goji Clarified Juice

Organic Goji Clarified Juice

Organic Goji Clarified Juice 

2017 New Goji Clarified Juice

New Crop Goji Clarified Juice 

Bulk Goji Clarified Juice

Fruit Goji Clarified Juice 

Goji Powder

Spray Goji Powder

New Spray Goji Powder 

Frezon Goji Powder

New Frozen Goji Powder 

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