NFC goji juice and goji berry soak in water, which absorption effect is better?

NFC goji juice and goji berry soak in water are common ways to drink, they have some differences in absorption effect.

NFC goji juice is a beverage made from goji berries by processing technology such as juicing and filtering. It has a higher concentration and nutrient content, so the absorption effect is better. Drinking NFC goji juice can directly ingestion of a variety of nutrients of goji berry, such as vitamins, minerals, a variety of amino acids, etc., it has a good tonic effect on the body. In addition, NFC goji juice can also directly moisturize the mouth and esophagus, and be quickly absorbed.

Goji berry water is to soak goji berries in warm water, let it release the active ingredients and then drinking. The absorption effect of goji berry soaking in water is relatively slow, but it can also effectively absorb the nutrients. The advantage of goji berry water is convenient and simple, suitable for daily drinking. You can adjust the soaking time and soaking concentration according to personal taste preferences to achieve the best absorption effect.

To sum up, NFC goji juice and goji berry soak in water all have a certain absorption effect, the specific choice of which way mainly depends on personal taste and needs. If the pursuit of higher nutrient intake and nourishing effect, NFC goji juice may be more suitable; If the pursuit of convenience and daily drinking, goji berry soak in water is a good choice

Post time: Dec-27-2023